The unforeseen future.

I am slowly wrapping up my first year in college and I’m seeing more of what the future has to offer. I’ve experienced more downs than up during my time here, but I’ve learned more than I ever have in my entire life.  We all just need to keep pushing even when it seems like everything is going to shit. There are always people that we can find to help us through our most difficult moments. Things eventually get better, I’m not there yet, but I just need to change my mindset on the way I’m living and I’ll get there. The future is what we make it. We need to take the initiative to make the difference to create what we want in our lives. The outcome of our days, week, and years are the result of our actions throughout that time, I believe. If we can begin to do more with our time, like creating, working, and socializing, then we can make the most of our lives and find more fulfillment when we feel the most down or alone. There is always a way to find happiness. Sometimes it’s just harder than other times.




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