Mindset shift.

Today, I read a Facebook post from by a friend that really got to me. He talked about success and how he has been trying to change his mindset and I compared it to my life and the way I have thought about success. He had been comparing his feeling of accomplishment with the successes of other people. He struggled with a voice in his head always telling him, “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” because of the success people around him were having and he wasn’t achieving the same types of things. He realized that he is more than good enough and that he has done many things that are worth being proud of. He doesn’t need to be doing the same things as the people around him to be successful. I related that to the way I have always felt. Comparing myself to other people. I realized that in doing that I begin to put unesscesary pressure on myself to try to achieve what other people around me are doing instead of focusing on the accomplishments I have already completed and the successes I will gain by striving for goals I know I can reach. I need that mindset shift to help push me into a feeling that I AM doing well where I am at and I HAVE been achieving success in my life. I don’t need to keep comparing my vision of success to the the successes of my friends and the people around me or using them to validate my version of success. I know that I am doing well and I just need to continue to do more of the great things I am already doing. I think we need to consciously make the choice to focus on the great things we are doing and things we have already achieved, no matter how small we may think it is but also not forgetting to congratulate our friends for their successes. At the end of the day, we just need to keep telling ourselves, “This is good, do more.”

I appreciate my friend on posting this to help me think about my own life in his realization.



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