Cherish the Moments

It’s crazy how people come and go in your life. Someone can have such a big influence in your life, but their presence can become nonexistent so quickly. It could be from death, a break up, falling out of friendship, or someones moves far away. The only thing left is a weird, unfilled hole within you from the lack of their influence in your life now. That’s life though. Some things stay longer than others and people, no matter how much you cared about them, can and will leave your life. The bright side of that though is that new people begin to enter you life. New relationships will always be built, giving you new opportunities and experiences. Although the memories and sadness from your old friends may still linger, happiness can be found within new people. One relationship ends and a new one begins. Life likes to throw curve balls at you. If you’re me, then it’s fairly often, but you have to keep swinging. Keep the people you have close is something I have learned, but always be ready for them to go and always be ready move forward. Cherish the moments you spend with the people you care about, one day it may be over but don’t let that scare you into caring for someone. Keep pushing.






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